10 ways to increase website conversion or how to sell more software

If you are a geek like me, you should appreciate functionality. You believe that when you add a new feature to the app, sales will go up immediately. Thus you spend months to implement this new feature for your project. However, after the release sales do not go up and you start working on next new feature...

Nevertheless, there are easier ways to boost sales of your product. 20 minutes if spent wisely can increase your website conversion by dozens times. You just need to know what to pay attention to.

So what are the secrets? We have gathered 10 examples in this article. Look through them and try to implement them on your website.

1. Enhance landing page load speed

Website load speed is one of the key criteria in SEO and it should not exceed 5 seconds. Both search engines and users prefer fast websites. This was confirmed by Mozilla when they improved the load speed of their Firefox download page for 2.2 seconds because it was slower than Chrome and Opera landing pages. Due to this insignificant enhancement, their conversion rose by 15.4%, which brought +10.28 million downloads per year.

Advice: Compare your landing page speed with that of your 3-5 competitors. If you find out that your page is slower, try to optimize the load speed.

mozilla test
This shot from video shows that the competition browsers has already loaded in 3.8 seconds and Mozilla page is still blank

Test video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=143_TvvnIZI

2. Get rid of irrelevant elements on your page

It is very important for content to grab the visitor’s attention and satisfy their needs and desires.

For example, ForexTrading.com has decided to change several key elements and see if conversion will change. They have changed the description of product perks, added a concrete call for action and replaced the photo of a girl with optimized image showing how their product would look on different devices. As a result conversion increased by 99,4% and the conversion cost decreased by 48,4%.

Advice: Write several sales copies and see which one fits your audience better, choose images that would show your product essence and test them. We advise you not to use photostock resources as those photos are used everywhere in different context and thus might push your clients away.

ForexTrading page change

ForexTrading copy and image change

3. Change the amount of content on your page

AssessmentDay decided to run A/B testing of their landing page to see how delegating of this or that text block would influence conversion. The results showed that deleting of FAQs block boosted sales by 62% and removed Screenshots block – by 56%. But at the same time, when they cut off both blocks, conversion dropped 3%.

Advice: Test which text blocks have positive effect on your conversion. Maybe there is a need to add FAQs section? Or remove video? Try to keep the balance here: not too much and not too little.

AssessmentDay original page AssessmentDay testing page
Original version FAQs removed (conversion +62%)

AssessmentDay without screenshots AssessmentDay without FAQ and screenshots
Screenshots block deleted (conversion +56%) Both blocks removed (conversion -3%)

4. Add reviews

WikiJob team decided to check how adding reviews section would affect users. The result exceeded all expectations – conversion rose by 34%, though they use the simplest version of reviews – text ones.

Advice: Start to gather reviews from your customer right now (I have created a separate notebook in Evernote and just add there reviews I find on the Internet). Ask your customers tell you about their impressions, record video and audio reviews. Place those reviews on your website and test what option works best for you. Who knows, maybe your customers would prefer social media comments rather than video/audio reviews?

WikiJob original page WikiJob original page
Without reviews With reviews (+34% to conversion rate)

5. Address customer questions

While reading through your website, visitors come up with questions. If you respond fast, this may boost your sales. Intuit offered users ask a question online and thus increased conversion by 211%. They added online chat and tested it on several pages of their website. Below are the results:

  • Using chat for shopping cart added 43% to the average checkout and boosted conversion by 20%
  • Using chat for product comparison pages increased conversion by 211%. Like in an ordinary shop: "Do not know what to choose? Let me help you!"
  • Using chat for lead generation page raised the conversion by 190%

Advice: Try to add online chat to your website. There are a lot of different options on the market, for example JivoChat, Tawk.to, PureChat and others. Communicate with your customers, learn what they need and try to sell them more.

Intuit page change

Adding online chat to the page with software versions increased conversion by 211%

6. Offer discount to raise an average checkout amount

Although it may sound strange, reducing the price by offering a discount might help to not only advance conversion, but bring you more profit. MEEBOX hosting provider, for example, offered discount for their services if you pay for 2 years in advance and achieved good results:

  • Income rose by 121,56%
  • Average checkout amount increased by 46,24%
  • Conversion grew by 51,85%

Advice: Find a way to convince your clients to pay more. Maybe you can sell them 2 licenses or one for longer period of time? Maybe your customer will pay for premium support or prolonged Money Back guarantee? Test different options to see what will better motivate your visitors to make a purchase.

meebox without discount meebox with discount
Without discount With discount (+51,85% to conversion)

7. Add social media widget to your website

DrExplain added a social media widget and managed to increase download conversion by +67% - +376% depending on the page language. An interesting fact is that the best rates were on Spain-oriented page and worst on French – oriented.

Advice: Spend some money on promoting your social media pages. But attract real users instead of adding bots! For example, if you are a software manufacturer, you may use Facebook Promo by BitsDuJour. After you have gathered enough followers add social media widget to your website and test what social media appeals to your customers more. Some would like Facebook, some VK or Twitter, or maybe you should add all of them at once.

drexplain page without social drexplain page with social
Without widget With widget (+67% - +376% to conversion depending on page language)

8. Remove redundant content: One page – one button.

"Download" or "Buy" – which button to choose? Or maybe you should leave both? DrExplain learned that a page with just one "Download" button brings 26% more conversion than the same page but with both "Buy" and "Download" buttons.

Advice: If you have a trial-version of your product, put only "Download" button on your landing page and analyze the result. Another option is to make the choice between buy and download option less obvious. You can use a button for download option and design purchase option as a link.

drexplain page with two buttons drexplain page with one button
With two buttons With one button (+26% to downloads)

By the way, I have tested the above advice myself with AB-test for my shareware-website.

9. Experiment with presenting your product

Sims 3 developers managed to increase the number of registered users by 126% by changing the registration page. They have simply removed excessive information from the page.

Advice: Ask someone who does not know about your product and never visited your website to go to it and tell what they think. You will be surprised how differently novice perceives it. Make it simple!

sims3 original page sims3 testing page
Was Became (+126% registered users)

10. Use right icons

You’d think replacing an icon in an ad cannot change anything. But hosting provider Hawk Host tested 4 icon versions and learned that only by replacing an icon with another one they get 2-3 times more traffic than before.

Advice: If you use an icon as a supporting image, order a few versions from a professional and then test which one works better. The difference might be very significant.

hawk original icon hawk test icon
General icon The winner icon (+200-300% to traffic)

As you see, sometimes slight changes of website layout may lead to significant growth of conversion. Suggest ideas and then test, test and test. May high conversion be with you! :)

I would appreciate if you could give us feedback on your results. We will publish the most interesting cases with a link to your resource.

Roman Rudnik, CEO at IconDesignLAB.com design studio

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