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Professional appearance is an integral part of a successful product. This is why an attractive and modern interface design is so necessary for your program.

We create toolbar icons that simplify the operation of your application and convey an attractive and modern appearance. The style of the icon drawing, created especially for you, will provide instant recognition of your programs!

Customer: CSoftLab

C-Organizer Professional is a stylish and powerful manager of your personal and business-related information. This organizer software contains a planner, tasks, an address book, a password manager, a notepad, and a calendar of events.

Customer: PicJet.ru

Main icon and interface icons. PicJet is a very easy-to-work program allows for a few minutes to process hundreds of photos and covert them to other format, add date, rotate and other.

Customer: Корпорация Галактика

For Galactica ERPprogram we developed a set of 74 toolbar icons. As this program is made for many-hours office work, our main task was to create icons in calm colors, to make them be pleasant for eyes and at the same time make them stylish and easy to remember and recognize.

We developed general style and then chose metaphors for every of 74 icons and drew them in 32x32 and 16x16 resolutions. As program contains 7 functional modules, to separate them we picked different color scheme for each module. For the moment the full icon set is used in the program.

Customer: Design48

Toolbar iconset for CTC Connex application created for an internal customer relationship management.

Toolbar Iconset for Firewall Online Armor. This firewall provides protection on a Microsoft Windows operating system from both inbound and outbound attacks. Firewall Online Armor can filter incoming and outgoing network connections, detect keyloggers, e-mail filtering, protect against spam and phishing and control your DNS. 

Customer: PortaOne Inc.

PortaOne is a leading global communications infrastructure vendor. PortaOne enables Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) for quick and efficient implementation, managing and delivering a wide range of solutions for their services.

We introduced several conceptual interface icon design solutions. These solutions included gears, phone and bell concepts. The customer picked up the one with phone and we have started to work in this direction. Finally, we have got this set of icons. 

Customer: Kuwait Finance House

Toolbar iconset for KFH Online. This software provides online banking services. With the help of KFH Online the client is able to get up balance updates, transfer funds, keep track of your Credit card transactions, make donations and etc.

Customer: Flexbyte Software

Toolbar icons. Solar FTP Server - a simple and easy to use FTP server.

Colored interface icons are designed for AceSpy spy software.  

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