About Us

As a design studio, we have been specializing in icon designing since 2005. We have gained extensive working experience over the years. Our clients are highly satisfied with our work and we are always glad to be of service.

Why should you choose us?

  1. We have extensive working experience. We have been icon designing since 2005 and can handle diverse tasks.
  2. We specialize in working with IT companies, that's why we understand IT-specialists very well.
  3. There is a long list of satisfied clients who recommend us. You can become one of them :)
  4. We value our reputation; we never cheat our clients out of money.
  5. We guarantee high quality. If we cannot execute your order up to the quality that you expect, we will return your prepayment.
  6. We meet deadlines. In contrast to many other studios, we can set longer terms but we do really meet deadlines in the end.
  7. In addition:

  8. We specialize in a well-defined design sphere. We focus our efforts on improving particular skills. This approach makes it possible for us to complete a smaller set of services in a better quality.
  9. We never misinterpret because in our studio a client deals with the designer directly. In other studios, clients deal with agents who convey the clients' wishes to those who then carry the work out. On the one hand this guarantees that a client will not entice a designer, but on the other hand for you it becomes a waste of extra money and time needed for the correction of possible inaccuracies. In our studio, communication is implemented directly through a project management system called "Art Director", which was designed especially for our and our clients' needs. Art Director is our product.
  10. We are more proficient in complex works than freelancers. Of course, they are cheaper. However, we never disappear, we always provide services of high quality, and we meet deadlines. We have several specialized designers. We execute everything well because of our specialization and we are fast because different people carry out different kinds of work all at the same time. Moreover, if one of the designers is unable to meet their engagements (because they have fallen ill or has family problems) their colleague will continue the work and you will obtain the work within the deadline.
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