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First impressions count for a lot and software is certainly no exception to this. However, in spite of this, the importance of first impressions when it comes to software development are often overlooked. Many people subconsciously take into serious consideration the appearance of an application when it comes to deciding whether to purchase a shareware product or not. Because of this, you ideally need to have an application that is well designed and looks better than its competitors. Program icons are one of these aspects and after all, the program icon is one of the first things a user will see before even installing a program.

In addition to this, you also have icons in the interfaces of most programs and these need to be both aesthetic and easy to recognize, making the program more user-friendly as well as more attractive. These icons in the user interface present one of the most important aspects to the overall look and feel of a program and can have a considerable influence on the decision to purchase a program. For this you need to have professionally designed custom icons. IconDesignLAB.com presents you with the possibility of having professional custom icon design that will make your applications not only look better, but also improve usability.

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IconDesignLAB.com offers a number of services including logo icon design, toolbar and menu icon design and design for website icons.

The main icon for an application is the first object that a user sees before installing a program, so having an attractive and distinct solution is a must. At IconDesignLAB.com, you can get professional results at affordable prices. The main program icon can be created in a number of different resolutions, in maximum quality for newer computers. Make sure that the first impressions of your program are the very highest by having a unique logo icon.

Toolbar and menu icons within a program are also an extremely important aspect and something that IconDesignLAB.com also specializes in. Since these icons form the basis of most of the interaction a user has with a typical program, these icons are also especially important. While they need to be aesthetic as well, they also need to make sense, be distinct from each other and make the interface easier to use. To make sure that your customers have the best possible experience using your software, making sure that you have good toolbar and menu icons in the interface is essential.

Website icons are also offered, offering your website a great improvement in both usability and attractiveness. Making navigation easier and a more pleasurable experience, having a good set of icons for your website is essential. For whatever you need your icons for, we can supply the very best expert custom icon design for any program. To find out more, you can see the portfolio and order your icons online. All you need to provide as a description of how the icons should look and you will be contacted shortly afterwards to discuss pricing, terms and any other details.

Professional custom icon design
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