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Customer: InPaint

iResizer enables new smart ways of resizing images without deforming or cropping the content. It allows you to change your photo from 4х3 to 16х9 and it will still look natural and will retain the quality and spirit of the original one! In order to preserve important objects you simply select them and run the resizing, the rest is done automatically.

Application Icon for iResizer
Made in 2013 year

The application icon for iResizer for MacOS is the result of  productive cooperation  between our customer and designer.

The idea of a paper accordion and very long animals was born instantly. But we still had a problem with a character choice. Three different characters, including a giraffe, a snake and a caterpillar were presented to the customer. Thus, the main symbol of the iResizer program became a very cute animated caterpillar shown on a compressed photo.

Application Icon for iResizer
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