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Object Removal
Customer: InPaint

Application Object Removal from InPaint allows you to delete unnecessary items in the photos: bystanders, moving cars, undesired buildings, as well as watermarks, logos, dates and much more. In addition, its functionality includes an option to portrait retouching and restoration of old film photographies.

Application icon for Object Removal
Made in 2014 year

Main icon for iOS application ObjectRemoval from InPaint had to display the main features of application. Work on the design of icon started with a few sketches and the most successfulwas chosen. Next step: together with the customer we worked with details, discussed possible options - to come to the ideal image, which client wanted. The main colors are from standard eraser that alludes to the erase function.

We coped with the task, the client was satisfied, and the main icon laid out on dribble.com suddenly gathered a whole bunch of likes of fellow designers.

Application icon for Object Removal
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