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Customer: TrueCafe, Ltd

Quality cyber cafe software and Internet cafe software with modern user interface and a great number of features for management, billing, monitoring and reporting.

Application icon for TrueCafe
Made in 2013 year

In June 2013 new interesting work fulfilled IconDesignLAB portfolio. It was main icon for TrueCafe application. We faced a task to create program icon design which will be close and understandable to its target audience, internet café owners all over the world.

Right away we’ve found good metaphor for future icon: cup of coffee with floating symbol @ in it. Such element was already used in company logotype.  After making several different sketches we chose the best cup variant. Further work brought new original details into icon design: @ symbol became a work of coffee-art (a drawing made by chocolate chips on cappuccino cream), colors got more saturation, and shadows became more realistic. 

As a result we’ve got bright and memorable program icon. And happy customer is the best confirmation of that fact.

Application icon for TrueCafe

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