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Customer: Alconost Inc.

Alconost company key product, Alconost Nitro, provides rapid translation of small texts for time-sensitive projects. With a waiting time of just minutes, this tool is perfect for situations where short documents such as resumes, blog posts, correspondence, news articles or press releases are needed immediately. Each document is translated by hand through a professional translator and native-speaker of the target language. Company also offers such services as websites and software localization, creation of text that drive sales and SEO texts, creation of promotional and tutorial videos.

Banner for Alconost
Made in 2012 year

This banner design was developed for Alconost translations service advertising campaign on bridal agency website. The target audience of campaign are wealthy men, age 40 and older, who want to communicate with girls from CIS countries without fear of language barrier. 

For banner we chose image of the girl of Slavic appearance and clear call to action: “Capture her heart! Write to her in Russian with Alconost Nitro today!”  In all we made five banners in different languages. Each banner contains three slides.

Banner for Alconost

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