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Landing Page design for ISDEF Conference
Customer: ISDEF

ISDEF is a meeting place for IT-business owners from Russia and CIS countries united by a common goal - to find the right ways of business development and access to the foreign markets. This conference is held regularly twice a year – in spring and in autumn. The main number of its participants are the members of ISDEF Association.

Creation of Landing page for ISDEF 2015
Made in 2015 year

At the beginning of the work the conference was held for 14th time but it didn't have its own separate page. Every time the new conference was planned, a new section was created on the existing website. It contained almost identical information with last year and looked outdated and unclear.  As a result, the organizers had problem as with inviting the participants, as the inviting the speakers. It was difficult to understand for a lot of people what the ISDEF is and why they should visit this conference.

Our marketer has analyzed the advantages and features of the event and after this he designed a structure of the page and wrote texts from the ground up.  During copywriting process, he tried to make the information as clear as possible and exclude everything unnecessary.

After marketer, the designer started to do his work. His goal was to keep the continuity in style with the main site and, at the same time, to emphasize main ideas of the messages that should be conveyed to the reader by graphic elements.

The work on the page was finished by html layout-developer and programmer. As a result, 2014 became a turning point in the history of the conference. The number of the participants began to increase. This is first time in the last seven years of fall. The client was satisfied with the result of our work.  Our design has been used for two conferences, also the structure of the page and texts of our marketer are used today.

Creation of Landing page for ISDEF 2015
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