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Customer: Thorsten Muschler GmbH

Maschinensucher.de is a marketplace for over than 75.000 used machinery ads out of 40 branchers. They are mainly offered by german, swiss and austrian companies.

Icons for Maschinensucher.de
Made in 2012 year

A new task for the studio IconDesignLab was the creation of a set of icons for the web - site Maschinensucher.de. For this purpose we have familiarized the service database and created 11 icons depicting a particular category of different industrial machines. The designer presented to the customer two different sets of icons. The one of them was showing the products which were the result of using the machines and the other one was depicting the machines. The customer has given preference to the second variant of metaphor and eventually stayed satisfied with the result.

Icons for Maschinensucher.de
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