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Customer: Easysector

PROSTO is an unique program which allows to save your data safely from other’s people eyes. It allows to disguise any private information as a picture, and also to encrypt the data. It case of necessity data can be easily extracted back from image.

Interface pictures design for PROSTO
Made in 2012 year

To liven PROSTO interface design and make data encryption and decryption process more visual we developed design for images, which were integrated into the interface.

On images we showed schematically the process of data turning into picture and back. To make interface look more interesting we brought into images some dynamics and chose nice colors. Integration of images into the interface is a good alternative for skin design, which could be difficult for users understanding. Images helped to liven the interface and at the same time to save usual for users program appearance.

This is final interface images variant, accepted by customer. That’s how program will look after the release.  

Interface pictures design for PROSTO

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