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Website redesign of Keepsoft.ru
Customer: Keepsoft

Keepsoft.ru is the website of the company which is engaged in the promotion of three software products for home users: "Home Bookkeeping", "Test Constructor" and "The handbook of drugs". At the beginning of the project the website looked frankly outdated. Our task was to update the website design and make it not only modern looking, but also show the best correlation with the last trends in the information supply. The website should have looked the same great on the desktop computers as on mobile devices.

Landing Page design for Keepsoft.ru
Made in 2014 year

We decided to start our website redesign work not from the main page of the website (as usual), but from the company's main product page – the page of Home bookkeeping product, because the main flow of users visited it exactly. Considering Home bookkeeping page is the first page user sees, we decided to modify the way information is supplied on it. From the format "too many text" to format of landing page. After the customer together with our marketer and designer had prepared a sketch of the page and texts we made a graphical representation and icons. We had to do it in newfangled flat style but, at the same time, to maintain a corporate color palette.

Landing Page design for Keepsoft.ru
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