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Customer: Misc. Intelligence, Inc

Yamoika.ru is an outgoing dry car cleaning service. Order placing is possible through the website or mobile application. At specified time service staff comes to the place where the car is, and brings it into order. Customers save their time and get the brilliant result.

Logotype design for Yamoika.ru
Made in 2012 year

Developing website logotype design for outgoing car cleaning service Yamoika.ru we faced an interesting task: to underline service simpleness, comfort and the main thing, its speed, with the help of text logo and unobtrusive metaphor.

After studying company's work features we chose a metaphor: sponge with stylized spurts of flame. Such choice is not random. Yamoika.ru service offers its customers dry car cleaning with no water use. The flame which covers the sponge is drawn in “Hot Road” and “Muscle car” style. Thus at same time it underlines automobile theme, dry cleaning, and brings to logo some dynamics and speed sensation. After several experiments with font variants logo got its final look. 

Now Yamoika.ru service successfully works in Moscow.

Logotype design for Yamoika.ru

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