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Customer: Flexbyte Software

This beat maker is a great solution for music composers who are looking for a portable tool to spend their wandering time producing beats. This application is a "pocket drum machine" with patterns for your Android. GrooveMixer allows you to compose lots of different music rhythms like house, dub step and hip-hop.

Main Icon for GrooveMixer
Made in 2012 year

GrooveMixer is the real-time hip-hop drum machine with patterns for your Android. The main intention in logo developing was to describe the idea behind the application in a very simple way. That’s why our designer create the main icon picturing audio mixer in a metal case with lots of switches and a blue screen that images the sound waves. Such a simple elements of the icon design are able to plunge us into the world of music before we have turned it on. 

Main Icon for GrooveMixer
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