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Customer: Easysector

PROSTO is an unique program which allows to save your data safely from other’s people eyes. It allows to disguise any private information as a picture, and also to encrypt the data. It case of necessity data can be easily extracted back from image.

Main icon for PROSTO
Made in 2012 year

Developing icon design for PROSTO we aimed to show not only its ability to protect important information from others’s people eyes, disguising it as pictures, but also its additional feature, data encryption.

All this was embodied thanks to successfully chosen metaphor, which was born after we combined two of our ten primary ideas. On main icon encrypted in binary code data is hidden under mysterious Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, who was not only a famous artist but also a cryptography master.

This is final icon variant, accepted by the customer. It will see the world after program release. 

Main icon for PROSTO

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