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Revealer Keylogger
Customer: Logixoft

Reveal Keylogger is a free monitoring program. Powerfull algorithm records everything that is typed on the keyboard, regardless of the application, and also makes a screenshot of the desktop or the active application when the user types some text or uses the mouse. Special protection feature allows it to remain invisible in Windows tools.

Program icon for Reveal Keylogger
Made in 2012 year

Icon design for Reveal Keylogger become one more interesting task for IconDesignLAB. Program main icon had not only to become its face, but also to show its work algorithm in simple form.

Icon design is made in Windows Vista and Windows 7 style. Chosen metaphor shows key program idea – recording of everything happening on monitor. At the same time camera is situated inside the computer and symbolizes programs secrecy.

Today Reveal Keylogger is the most popular free monitoring program with more than 8 millions downloads all over the world.

Program icon for Reveal Keylogger
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