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Secureware Solutions
Customer: Secureware Solutions Ltd

Secureware Solutions is a market leader thanks to its ability to innovate and adopt key technologies early on. It provides application infrastructure software for the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications. Their main goal is to maximize the benefits of information technology while minimizing its complexity and total cost of ownership.

Secureware Solutions Logo
Made in 2013 year

The client wanted to see the logotype, which will symbolize the openness to suggestions. By focusing on the name of the company, we decided to base the logo on two capital letters of a slogan and experiment with them. We made a few variants of logos featuring a spiral of two letters S. All of them were different but looked like a chain, which symbolizes the company's reliability. Logotypes were made in soft and cozy tones. From all the variants, the customer has selected the logo in blue tones reminding the paragraph mark, which became the final variant.  Also we made this logo in several color schemes and for different background colors.

Secureware Solutions Logo
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