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Customer: Easysector

Barabas - is a utility for encrypting data on USB flash drives, which creates hidden, protected partition on any USB. Barabas also protects your USB flash drive in case of its loss or theft.

The Character Design for Barabas App
Made in 2011 year

The main character of the Barabas app was done in the same mexican style as Carabas, but considering that the Barabas app was created for saving and protecting data, he, as a result, turned out a lot more severe.

Barabas has a stern facial expression, piercing eyes and wears a gun on his belt. Such a hero, in a form of a flash drive disguised as a Mexican with the closed lock on the background, leaves no doubt about the fact that your data will always be safe and well protected.

The Character Design for Barabas App

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