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Customer: Easysector

The program "Karabas" automates data backup on USB flash drive. With the help of it you will be able to monitor changes in selected files and download the modified version on a flash drive. "Karabas" application starts working as soon as the flash drive is detected by the system and it allows you to sync data between PC. 

The Character Design For Karabas App
Made in 2011 year

In accordance to customer wishes, we have created a character for Karabas App in the form of an anthropomorphic pen-driver. Since the name of the program has the Mexican specifics that’s why we made our hero to look as a crafty mustached Mexican in the charming Charro and the sambrero behind his back.

Such a colorful character certainly will not be left without attention. Therefore, the customer has remained to be satisfied with the result and made the order for some other works in our studio.

The Character Design For Karabas App

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