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Best Timer
Customer: Smartphoneware

The software is all about measuring time. It allows you to set up a number of custom timers, which include "Sand Watch", stylish kitchen timer, powerful stopwatch, timers with forward and backward counting - all these features will help you to measure time, feel it or present it to your kids.

UI design for iPhone/iPad app Best Timer
Made in 2010 year

User interface design for Best Timer required an integrated approach. Hence, we decided to start from very beginning - from user interface itself. The task was set as follows: to make a realistic (not cartoony), futuristic, attractive and nice design of user interface.

We began to design five different timers. The color scheme, which was selected from different variants, included the turquoise color that gave a specific futuristic style to the elements of the design. After all the timers were done, we designed some additional images, which reflected dynamic changes of some user interface elements (sand watch, colors and transparency of different buttons). The next thing we made was an application image, splash screen and the icons for associated programs. The main objective of the current task was to stay in line with the particular design style. All the images of the current project were created for both iPad and iPhone.

UI design for iPhone/iPad app Best Timer
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