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We have been creating custom icon designs since 2005. We specialize in working with IT companies, have extensive experience and talent, and we finish our work on time.
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Application Icon Design

Icon Design for Applications
Application icons are the most popular product with our clients. We have created more than 500 application icons for Windows, MacOS, iPhone/iPad, and Android for our clients and have extensive experience in this area. Read more

Website Icon Design

Website Icon Design
Besides for general icons, we create icons for website headers. They reflect the service content. Thus, visitors can easily realize where they are now and remain on the site. This reduces the bounce rate and increases conversion. Read more

Toolbar and menu icon design

Toolbar and menu icon design
Toolbar and menu icons form the basis of a user's interaction with an application. We create attractive, easily recognizable toolbar icons that help provide your customers with the best software experience possible. Read more

Software identity design

Software identity design
We provide your software with a professional and unique look. Capabilities include logotype design, icon design, website design, graphic illustrations, interface design, boxshot design, and much more. Read more

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Because we're highly recommended by our clientele, we meet our deadlines, don't make mistakes, and deliver high-quality work.
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Some of our work
Application logo for Easy Query.NET
Program icon for Reveal Keylogger
Main icon for PROSTO
Software Logotype for MicroOLAP Database Designer
Application logotype for Net Spy Pro
Main icon for a-squared Anti-Malware Wizard
Application Icon for iResizer
Application icon for Solar FTP Server
Application Icon for Email Spam Blocker
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Icon Design: simply put, it's our job

It's the first impression that matters, right? If you agree, you'll also agree that appearance is the biggest part of this first impression. However, this fact is often underestimated in software development, although most people buy shareware products within the first few hours of downloading them. So the commercial success of any shareware program very much depends on how good the program looks compared to its competitors.

The desktop icon of an application is the first thing the user sees after the installation. After that, icons in the interface influence the user's impression of the application. The user sees them, uses them, operates them and these very icons (provided other factors are all right) influence the ultimate decision to buy the program.

Order a custom icon design here! With this service, you will create an attractive interface and create more time to concentrate on improving your program's functionality and dreaming up great marketing ideas!

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